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Hey Guys!! *Tips Hat*
So as you know this is my collab with Juliamon :3

This is chapter two in a series of Jack Frost X Reader one-shots :D


During – Caraluna

The stairs you were sitting on were cold. You had been waiting for Jack for half an hour now; thank God it wasn't snowing. Maybe he thought that was the least he could do for leaving you there.... Waiting for that surprise he said he had for you.

Your eyes had examined every bit of the street; you were sitting at the public library, that morning after having a snowball fight with Jamie, Jack and Sophie. He pulled you aside from the group and asked you to meet him there at 6:15.

It was now 7:00 and you could describe your whole surroundings with your eyes closed. The library was on the left side of the street if you came from the north going south. In the middle of the street there was a garden, it was full of trees and plants and it went on the whole street long, of course that wasn't much given that the city was extremely small.

There was a park across the street there were still some kids when you got there but now they were all gone. It was getting late and you started thinking Jack would never arrive, but  then a thought entered your head... What if something bad happened to him? I'm less than half a second you were on your feet, you had to tell Jamie.

You were about to go when you saw the gardens in front of you fill with frost as a strong wind came your way. Then you saw him.

You were so mad and so relived at the same time it was almost too much for your head. Your heart was pounding, you didn't know if you had to smile because he was okay or be angry at him, after all he did make you wait a long time.

When he finally landed you could see a guilty look in his face.

"I'm so sorry! Wind drove me somewhere else where little boys were playing, and I still had time but I suddenly realize I was late and-"

You didn't even let him finish before you ran and hugged him, the relief was stronger than the anger for a moment.

"Damn you! I thought something had happened to you! Don't you ever do that to me again!"

He hugged you back, but then you remembered you had been sitting in the cold for almost 50 minutes.

"Wait a second! You pushed him away from you "You stood me up! I was sitting there for almost an hour freezing my ass off!"

His guilty look returned "I'm so sorry, I'll make it up to you! I promise!"

"Yeah? When?" You were not that mad anymore; how can you stay mad at him?

"Tonight" he said with a small smile. Then he looked at the floor and said with a small voice "if you still want to come with me."

You looked away; you could tell he was looking at you, so you turned around and tried to make an expressionless face which was pretty hard with those big amazing eyes.

"Well Mr. Frost you and I can make a deal."

The little smile vanished from sight, now he was looking at you with incredulous eyes, "When did I become Mr.-"

"Okay so since you don't want my deal I guess I'm not going anywhere with you tonight." He wanted to say something but you kept going before he could, you reached for his hand and bonded it on a cold handshake "Good night Mr. Frost I better get going home"

You started to walk home when he grabbed you by an arm and turned you around so you were facing him. You were looking at the ground but he could tell you were laughing. "So you think you're very funny don't you?"

"Don't worry there is a deal, but... are you sure you want to take it?"

"I would do anything to get you to go out with me"

You smiled, but it wasn't that stupid smile you always had on your face when he was near, it was a simple smile as if you couldn't believe what he was saying, but it made you incredibly happy. "Okay then here's my deal: Close your eyes."

"I'm starting to get scared."

"Do you really think I could hurt you? Don't you trust me?"

"Of course I do" he smiled

"Close your eyes then" he did "And no peeking."

You stepped close enough you could feel his cold calm breathing, you placed your hand on his chest and since he was a little taller than him you stepped on your tiptoes. You felt his soft cold breathing, you got your face closer to his and you kissed him, simple and soft, as if it was something you would do every day for the rest of your life.

You stepped down and he opened his eyes. "I could get used to that"

"That was the idea" you said as you smiled "So you will never keep me waiting again"

He looked up at the sky and smiled, then he offered you his hand and pulled you closer, "Okay" he said "climb on my back"


"I'd like you to be close to me.", He blushed a little "You... you're warm."

You smiled "okay then"

You climbed on his back, then he called the wind and you were off.

You flew for a long time, neither of you talked, he could feel your breathing, and you could feel his heart pounding, and that was enough to fill the silence. After a while you got to the edge of a forest, one you had never been in before. He landed and you climb off.

"Okay... almost there"

"We're not there yet? This isn't there?"

"Nope" he said smiling, then took your hand, and tried to lead you into the forest"

"Wait... you can't see anything in there." In front of you there was a forest, it was dark, you couldn't see any further than he first line of trees.

"Don't worry, I can." you looked at him with insecurity.


He took his staff and tapped it on the ground, it started glowing.

"Okay then." And you let him lead you into the forest.

You couldn't see anything beyond jack and his dimly glowing staff, hopefully he could see more than two feet ahead of him. It was pitch black in there but you kept walking, you walked for a long while. There was a branch, which you couldn't see, and you tripped letting go of Jack's hand and falling to the ground. But for some reason you kept falling like the ground was not levelled and you rolled down hill, finally stopping when you hit a tree, knocking the air right out of your lungs.

You couldn't see a thing, it was dark and it was cold. "Jack?" no answer "Jack!"

You suddenly felt something turning you around and pulling you into a hug, you immediately recognized his cold hug. You couldn't see him but you knew it was him "Jack... I'm scared Jack"

"Yes, yes I know. Listen to me I will never let anything happen to you, we're almost there I promise" you could tell he was smiling "As a matter of fact we were supposed to go down"

You gave him a scared smile "Really? Where's your staff?"

"Yes, oh right....." He started looking for it in the cold night. You could see it glow again "Right here." He helped you up "Now close your eyes"

"Why? I can't see a thing anyway."

"Well we're here and I don't want you to see anything until we are.... well, actually inside" he pulled you close "Just trust me"

"Okay." you said quietly

He kept leading you. You walked down for a couple minutes and he suddenly let go of your hand. But you weren't scared any more, you weren't cold any more. It was actually quite warm, and you could feel light surrounding you, and you could hear laughter. Suddenly you felt a cold breath in your ear. "You ready?"
You nodded.

"Okay then, open your eyes"

You couldn't believe what you were looking at, it was a middle sized clear in the woods, but it was filled with light that was coming from flowers all around the place. You could barely see the cold dark woods, there were so many trees covering it. There were filled with holes like little houses. All over the place there were little plants that were not taller than your ankle. And suddenly you realized there little people looking at you with curious big eyes. What were they? You had no idea but they were gorgeous, there were ones that you assumed were the girls that had rose petals covering all of their little pale green body forming a dress, they all had pale pink hair. The other ones had a paler shade of green on their skin, and they were covered by dark green leaves, they all had short white hair.

"What... What are they?"

"Pixies" you turned to him "I thought you'd like them"

"They are beautiful" you looked up at his eyes, and for some reason you looked at the sky.

In there was the brightest roundest moon you had ever seen, it was then when you realized what you felt for him.

They all got closer, you leaned down and they started climbing all over you. They tickled you until you fell to the ground. You saw Jack going up to the pixie that seemed to be the leader, and asked him something you couldn't hear. He made a weird sound in a language you couldn't understand. All the pixies ran into a hole and came back out with tiny instruments. Then Jack looked and offered you his hand and said "Would you like to dance?"

"Why yes Mr. Frost I would." You smiled, he shook his head amused. And you took the hand he was offering.

He pulled you with him and you walked to the centre on the clear, were the moon shined on top of you, as if giving you its blessing. He pulled you closer, and then music stared playing, soft quite music, the pixies knew exactly what to do, and so did you. You put your arms around his neck, he put his hands on your back, and you danced.

You didn't know if you had been there for minutes, hours or days, all you knew and cared about was that you were happy. He softly pulled you apart so he has facing you, and leaned down and kissed you. It was soft, but it didn't feel cold, it was pleasantly warm. It was like it was saying thank you for coming.

When you finally pulled apart he said "I think it's time I take you home"

"Yeah" he was about to call wind so you could go from there when you said without him looking at you "Jack..." You took a deep breath "I love you."

He looked at you as if you had said the most magical and wonderful thing in the whole world. "You do?" he asked in a surprised tone' then he laugh in disbelief "You really do?"

"Of course I do" you said taking his cold face in your hands, you pulled him to you into another kiss, but this was different, you could feel he was happy, and you felt a little drop of cold water coming from his eye, than soon became a little ice sphere.  

You parted but your foreheads were still together "I love you too" he said quietly, as if only you were supposed to know. But something inside you already knew. Then he called wind and you were leaving that wonderful place, that place full of magic that allowed you to say what you wanted t tell him the most, and allowed you to get the answer your heart most needed.

It was a while before you arrived at the window of the house. Jamie was asleep on the floor with Sophie, they tried to wait for you but it got too late. Jack helped you put both of them in Jaime's bed. Then you both walked back to the open window, your head knew he had to go, but your heart didn't want to let him. He kissed you one last time, really softly, just a little brush with his cold lips. "I'll see you tomorrow"

"Yes and Jack... do you think we could ever go back to that place?"

"Why?" he asked

"I just feel there is something magical there, I mean aside from the pixies, and the flowers with lights, and yeah all that..."

"I understand, I felt it too, we can go back any time." He smiled

"And... hey, I do trust you, you know, I mean I was scared all night but I knew you wouldn't let anything happen to me" you looked in his eyes, that were shining, and you stared at them one last time before he whispered to your ear: "Goodnight".

Sleep didn't reach you as you went through it again in your head. You could see the moon from your window; you wanted to say something to him. You whispered "Thank you" before falling asleep to the sweetest dream you ever had.
Okay, this is a series I'm doing with :iconsuper-juliamon:

The first chapter is on her profile, along with the 'main' chapter: My secret Guardian. links to both:

Chapter 1: [link]

My Secret Guardian: [link]

Read them too!!! ((The 'during' at the title says your already dating Jack. Explanation on chapter 1)

ALSOOOOO, this title in special (an some others in the future) come from songs we believe fit the chapters. This one is in spanish, so...

Song: [link]
Lyrics in English: [link]

Hope you like it and drop a comment :D
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